Qué interesante… progresa el IP.

After two days of hard work, the third day of the IP@Ce was inaugurated by Pepe Martínez lecture on Media Choice. He highlighted the importance of adapting not only the message but also the media to the target. Then all the students gathered in the projects room to work together on communication and media strategy. It seems that the results will be so satisfactory due to how hard they have been working.

To recover their energy they had a break and had lunch as every day. Afterwards, they continued working on communication and media strategy of their projects. During the evening we had a snack based on typical Valencian tradition. It consisted of valencian Horchata, a sweet fresh drink which is made of tiger nuts, and fartons, a kind of bakery. Products courtesy of; D.O Horchata de Valencia and Fartons Polo. Everyone enjoyed the evening and like this delicious snacks.

To end up this day, all the IP students went to The black Sheep to have dinner! It was a pleasant dinner where we continued knowing a little bit each other. Meanwhile lecturers were having dinner at Rausell restaurant, delighting Mediterranean Gastronomy .

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