Interesantes resultados en las investigaciones del IP @ce por países

The second day of @ce IP 2010 begun with every counties’ research presentation. It was exciting to discover, finally, the results of their work of these last months. Coordinators and participants paid attention to pose their questions later and work in the issue.
After a small break, Marten Coerts developed his lecture based on communication strategy, establishing the starting point to the students’ first assignment.
After the lunch, participants went to the library to begin working in their international teams, all groups arrived on time to the first deadline.

In the afternoon, all of us had been a good time together drinking Valencian horchata and Fartons, thanks to D.O. Valencian Horchata and Fartons company.
In the evening coordinators had dinner in a restaurant in the city centre, and student’s an organization assistants met in 11 flats, where the intercultural dinner took place. We had different meals from every country (English breakfast’s sandwiches, Turkish delights, Belgian chocolate, French cheese, Finish sweet rice with milk, German potato salad and Spanish omelet, between others). We spent a great time together.

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