Being… a Religion teacher

By M Carmen Martínez

Life gives us many opportunities, and I think being able to teach is one of the greatest. Furthermore, teaching someone to believe in something, to hope, can be the most amazing experience ever.

These years I have been able to see the knowledge and development of faith in children from three to twelve years old. The first thing that grabbed my attention was observing how the little ones see God so easily and absorb everything that comes from Him. Also the depth that kids find in the spiritual things. No matter the age or how naughty they are, even when they try to hide it.

I think combining knowledge and spiritual experience has been the key to bring faith to class. It is important to know, but also to feel, to seek, to doubt… knowing the contents of the book and the ten commandments is necessary but also being able to go to the chapel, looking for that inner silence that we most seek, and listen to God. The God our children know is everywhere and mostly in their hearts.

“Being a catechist is not a title; it is an attitude of abiding with Him, and it lasts a lifetime! It means abiding in the Lord’s presence and letting ourselves be led by Him.” Pope Francis.


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