Different cultures, same University

Our student Annabel Dewing wrote the next post (I have to thank you all the Pathway students their implication and the high quality of their presentations):
From Morocco to Peru, the United Kingdom to Honduras; on Wednesday 19th December, a few of our students learned just how enriched the CEU community is. We met in the cosy hub with traditional Spanish treats to teach each other about our backgrounds and the current economical situations of our countries- some are worse than others!
With their HDI ranks ranging from 14th-133rd across the five countries (including Spain), it is no surprise that there are huge differences in GDP and monetary decisions. For example, the largest proportion of Government spending in the UK is spent on social protection. Due to unfortunate circumstances, this level of spending is not possible for many other countries and so poverty and thus violence is prevalent.

In Honduras, 66% of the population suffered from poverty in 2016 and in Morocco 67.5% of women in urban areas experience violence. Despite difficulties, all five economies have seen improvements in GDP since 2015 and Peru is the fastest growing economy in Latin America.


Our presentations allowed one another to see the variation in economic development across the world but more importantly, that positive culture can thrive regardless of how developed the country is. I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise and would recommend talking to those around you about their own cultures; It will open your eyes and give you new perspectives on the world. Thank you for reading.

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