A sunny trip to Sagunto: exploring its architectural heritage

Our Technical School has organized trips for Architecture students to Barcelona, Cheste, Granada, Cuenca and other monumental cities in Spain. This time our destination was Sagunto, a beautiful town located on the north of Valencia. There, students not only explored its ancient architecture, but also took a look at the plots where their own projects will turn into actual buildings.

Students visit Sagunto
A visit to the historical town of Sagunto

The trip begins at the Roman Theatre where the students settle comfortably to participate in their first class of the day. The professors explain some interesting details about this spectacular building that has a capacity of almost 8.000 spectators. Our group is much smaller but it feels so good to be surrounded by a majestic structure that has been there for centuries.

The Roman Theatre in historical Sagunto
The Roman Theatre in historical Sagunto

Later on, everybody does some exercise while climbing up the Sagunto Castle to attend the next class. There are Iberian, Roman, Medieval and Modern remains in this huge defensive fortification. Moreover, the panoramic view of the town is spectacular. After taking notes and making a few sketches students leave the castle to explore the places they have seen from above. While following the professors through the narrow streets of the Old Town, everybody takes pictures of unusual facades, beautiful balconies and get to know the peculiarities of Jewish and Arabic architecture that is so abundant here.

It is truly an enriching experience to be able to see everything with your own eyes instead of sitting in a classroom all day

Sagunto is divided into two different parts, the Historical Center and the Port what makes it the town of contrasts where both ancient and modern architecture coexist. It is truly an extraordinary opportunity to learn about different architecture styles and their defining characteristics being in the same place.

Once we reach the industrial part of Sagunto, the students of Architecture have a picnic in a nice park with their professors and share impressions of this trip with each other. After lunch everybody heads to the Port where the workers explain of how the blast furnace was built and how it functions. Also, we get to know the history of Industrial heritage of Puerto de Sagunto and go on a tour to explore the zone.

Finally, everybody splits into small groups. The fourth-year students visit the plots that are located near the beach and make some sketches of the future buildings. Going to the actual place where the building will be constructed help a lot to develop ideas better and visualize your own projects.

A different learning experience for CEU students
A different learning experience for CEU students

Everybody come back to Moncada a little bit tired but full of good emotions. It is truly an enriching experience to be able to see everything with your own eyes instead of sitting in a classroom all day.

We are looking forward to the next trip to Euskadi!


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