Los creadores de Designable

Designable: the future of Architecture is here

“We are misfits designing for misfits”. This striking phrase is one of the first things that you read on the Designable website. A great...

Our Alumni Marta García Casabán gets an ARQUIA scholarship

Our already graduated colleague Marta García Casabán has been awarded one of the ARQUIA scholarships!! Here she responds to a brief interview where she...

From CEU to Retail!

Marta Ceñal Rodríguez de la Rúa, alumni Beginnings...At the very beginning I was thinking in studying Industrial Design but, after the first interview at the School of Architecture with...
Architect Teresa Blasco

Teresa Blasco, high-quality Architecture in Denmark

For the last six years she has been working in one of the best-known Architecture Studios in Denmark as Project Architect in a team...
Student at CEU Valencia

Alidia, green architecture for a more equitable future

Of course she likes green architecture. Alidia comes from Sweden, one of the beacons of sustainability and eco friendly housing in Europe. We met...
International student of Architecture

Urban planning for a better life

If you ever had a conversation with future architects about their passion for architecture, you would probably hear them talking about famous churches or...

Building stadiums in Turkey… with a Spanish touch?

It's hard to imagine a two-year-old child pronouncing words like "interstitial", "balance", or "assembly" correctly. This is just to name three of the most...
Student of Architecture

Understanding the world through architecture

Simon is French and he has never lived in France. He was born in Seoul, South Korea and spent his childhood there. After that,...