Generation of new urban voids

hospital la fe


Within the policy of regeneration of public spaces which was planned in the city of Valencia, we find two major uildings integrated for years that they will be priority:


The old hospital of La Fe

After the government of Valencia decided to halt the demolition of the old hospital La Fe last july, the Generalitat has decided to demolish most of the facilities after being advised by the Association of Architects in Valencian Region.
The report of the COACV estimated that is cheaper to rehabilitate the old La Fe than to build new buildings, but also warn about hidden unforeseen injuries thereof, once the rehabilitation works, which could cause a higher final cost to the demolition and later build ones.

The cost of reforming and decontaminating the complex will ascend to about 190 million euros, but with more chance of finding difficulties that will raise the cost of the work. To tear it down and re-raise it would reach up to 205 million euros.

One of the reasons that rehabilitation La Fe is so expensive is because of the use of fibercement, which contains asbestos such as fiber reinforcement. A dangerous element that must be strictly controlled because it can cause diseases such as pleural cancer if inhaled.

The true future of the facilities is to be determined although the responsibles intend to make this decision depending on the deterioration of each of the buildings that comprise it.
To begin the planning of this project it is planned to convene, in a few months, public tender. Directed, in principle, to young architects and with the idea of ​​planning the future of  76,000 square meters. A new space compound of simpler constructions, with smaller volume and important greenery space.

Technical report of the old hospital La Fe in:

ayuntamiento valencia

The town hall of Aragon’s avenue

Located next to the Mestalla stadium, housed municipal offices as the Delegation of Urbanism.

Last November 7 ended the demolition of the building made by the company Vareser 96, SL.

Thus the signed agreement is fulfilled in July 2013 by the municipality and the company Expogrupo. It is determined that the plot adjacent to the Botanical Gardens, owned by the Jesuits, would become of the city in exchange for the hotel that the company planned to build on it was moved to the site of the Town Hall of Aragon.

Thus it has a green area located strategically next to the Botanical Garden. A swap space that meets the demands of citizens and that is planned to be used for enlarging it, although the council will still have to negotiate with the University of Valencia who is responsible.


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