A new book on timber structures

Tomo 2. Uniones (2015)
Volume 2. Uniones (2015)

AITIM has just published the second volume of the Estructuras de Madera collection (in Spanish), by authors Ramón Argüelles, Francisco Arriaga, Miguel Esteban, Guillermo Íñiguez, y Ramón Argüelles Bustillo.

This new book, titled Estructuras de Madera – Uniones is a monograph on the design of joints in timber structures.

The first volume (Estructuras de Madera – Bases de Cálculo) appeared in 2013, and became a solid reference on the design of timber structures under current codes (Eurocode 5 across Europe, and Código Técnico de la Edificación in Spain). The design of joints wasn’t included in the first volume, and so it’s now studied in this new second book.

This work, in a multi-volume format, constitutes an evolution of a former book by the same authors, published in 1996 and with a second edition in 2000, being now reworked, enhanced, and adapted to new advances in European codes on timber structures.

Tomo 1. Bases de Cálculo (2013)
Volume 1. Bases de cálculo (2013)


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