New Edition of renowned book on Foundation Structures

Cálculo de Estructuras de Cimentación, 5ª Ed.
Cálculo de Estructuras de Cimentación, Fifth Ed.

A new fifth edition of one of the Spanish strongest references on the design and project of foundation structures has just been published in December 2015. The book, whose first edition appeared in 1982, is titled “Cálculo de Estructuras de Cimentación“, and is authored by José Calavera Ruiz and published through Intemac Ediciones.

This just released fifth edition adds important updates related to current codes: Eurocode 2, EHE-08, and ACI 318. It also includes two new chapters, one about circular footings (targeted to wind turbines) and another about foundation structures pathology. A very remarkable subject is the collection of tables included in the book, for the direct project of footings of different types.

The detailed contents of the book can be found at its Intemac Ediciones page (in Spanish).

Intemac is a privately owned institute in Spain, providing services and publications for buildings structures. Their quarterlies are worthy of mention too. Since its foundation in June 1967, the Technical Institute for Materials and Construction (Intemac) established the incentivation of technical training and the researching vocation of its staff as its goals. For the past eighteen years Intemac’s quarterlies have represented the shaping of this spirit, for what the Institute has become well known in the building business.

D. José Calavera Ruiz, Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, is also the Founder and Honorary President of Intemac. He is author of seventeen books in Spanish, two in English and one in Italian, three monographs and two hundred one Articles and Technique Notes on matters concerning Structural Design, Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete, Structural Safety, Prefabrication, Quality Control and Pathology of Structures. He has been thesis director for twenty-eight Doctoral Thesis. He was recently awarded with the Premio Nacional de Ingeniería Civil 2014.

Cimentación por losa pilotada. Torre de Cristal. Asistencia geotécnica de Intemac.
Torre de Cristal Foundations. Intemac (as Geotechnical Advisor)
Monitorización Cimentación Torre Sacyr por Intemac
Monitoring of the Sacyr Tower Foundations, by Intemac.


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