From CEU to Retail!

Marta Ceñal Rodríguez de la Rúa, alumni


At the very beginning I was thinking in studying Industrial Design but, after the first interview at the School of Architecture with one of their teachers, my design-mind was opened and I started wanting to design everything I could achieve. Today I’m not only an architect but I also design my own pieces of furniture to reach my artistic ambitions.

“My university experience was memorable, not only in education but in personal relationships.”

It was a way to open my mind, socialize, meet people from everywhere, their cultures and it was a way to explore new creative tools that I hadn’t developed before. I understood that good architecture is not invented, it is the result of a long time of research, not only following famous architects, but following important artists trying to think why did they do this or, what were they thinking when they were creating. I learnt that architecture is not a degree but an art, that you have to be passionate on what you do and only this way you’ll reach success. The most difficult part is hearing your heart, finding your own personality, and being brave enough to show it although everyone thinks different.

On my very first years I studied the degree and it was later when I realized that architecture was more than construction, it is more about showing your feelings and trying to put yourself on everybody else’s shoes, so you’ll know how they want to experience those spaces you are designing.

In front of the real world…

As we all know, the job market is not easy nowadays. I started searching any kind of work within architecture and I had the opportunity to start as an architect designing betting points. This is not what a novel architect desires once he finishes his studies but, I learnt there more than in any other place. I learnt a new path in architecture called retail where with a very strict guidelines you had to design nice spaces, and I can tell is not that easy!

“Since that day, I have always worked in retail, now I am an architect and interior designer at Cortefiel, designing the stores of the group all around the world.”

Architecture has many undiscovered paths and I invite you to discover them, because with our knowledge we can manage many design areas.

Give us a tip…

Explore, inquire and give a chance to every job opportunity you have. When you start working, it’s very difficult to find the dreamed job. First of all, try it and then judge it. Look at yourself and find your best weapon and try to highlight it. Show the abilities that differentiate you from the others without trying to be the best. If you work with passion, you’ll be the best without looking for it.

Something important…

University is the only moment in your life where there are no limits. Where everything is possible and where your imagination can develop to its best. Make an effort to know things, to search and get informed, learn from others, help your colleagues and don’t be competitive. At the end, everything you give, you’ll finally receive it.

One of the most important points in our degree is fellowship, today it’s you tomorrow it’s me. That was my motto. Don’t think about all the nights you have not slept because you’ve been working, it’s worth it. You have to think that those are moments you’ll miss. University cannot mean burden.

“University is a test of life and makes you learn that even though there are rough moments, fails, unfinished works, broken models (as it happened to me in more than one chance), everything has solution.”

Even though it seems very idyllic, I truly say: enjoy, everyone at your pace, and if you fall, you get up. Fails cannot mean sadness, it has to mean a new race you have to win the next time.

“University is short, live it. My degree was 6 years, but it was not enough for me.”


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