Connect A. Berlin: ESET’s International Week gets a new image

For the Technical School, the new semester has already brought some exciting new experiences. The 4th Annual International Week introduces a new theme called Connect A.


This year the hosts are German Architects Arch. Katharina Löser, Arch. Johannes Lott and Arch. César Trujillo. Bringing their knowledge of Berlin to the students of CEU Valencia.


It represents the bidirectional relationship between our university and the rest of the world

Proactive, Visionary and Suggestive

Connect is to relate, draw a line on the map and join the points

Connect is to go and it is to return, it is ephemeral as the journey and permanent as the place


Architecture is the object of the connection


Each year, the place changes and therefore the brand also, as an evidence of the dynamic nature of this international event. This year the focus is on Berlin.


Each student gets a “Mietskaserne” (Berlin Apartment Block) and has the opportunity to design its courtyard. The students are able to utilize their various international backgrounds to influence their ideas.

The objectives of this encounter are:

  • To share teaching and methodological strategies around practical or theoretical disciplines linked to the studies
  • To discover different specific realities of the European context in the discipline
    • The overlapping of realities should reflect both the wide range of existing and potential synergies and also the contact points between the participants
  • Explore the design process of Architecture


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