Everybody has a reason to study Architecture!

They say that normal is what you consider to be normal, regardless of the opinion that others may have. And that is something that we embraced a long time ago here at the Technical School. Therefore, whenever someone asks us about how we can teach and manage a group of students so diverse and with such different cultural backgrounds, we have no choice but to say: “I do not know… for us it is just normal”.

Certainly, coming to the ESET means accessing an environment similar to that of the most recognized architecture studios in the world, and so we understand the need to adapt our academic approach to the specific background of each of our students. That seems to be the normal thing to do. And we like doing it, especially because it gives us a broader vision of the world.

If teaching others something that you love is already a rewarding experience, being able to do it in such a culturally rich environment is just like hitting the jackpot.

But yes, we must also admit that there are still things that surprise us. We are surprised, for example, by the talent that students show us in their Final Degree Projects or the great number of awards they they win in external competitions. Although, to be honest, those are not really that surprising after all: We are so used to seeing you succeed wherever you go that we are starting to see that as something normal!

What really surprises us, and we mean it, is how big the world is. And how that world ends up being represented here in our Architecture degree. Because, let’s face it, maybe we are used to meeting students from Latin America or some of our European neighboring countries but… did you know that you also have classmates from countries as far away as Zambia or Malaysia?

Priscilla, a student from Zambia, has told us that she was a bit surprised to see so many subjects related to Physics and Mathematics, but that in the end she has seen it as something positive as it gives the degree in Architecture a solid technical basis. For the rest, she seems delighted with the different cultures that she has found here in the ESET and in Valencia… we love to see you so happy, Priscilla!

As for Qui-Yang, me met him this last summer when he came from his native country Malaysia to attend the intensive Spanish course that the university offers to international students. From what he tells us, what he likes best about his studies is knowing that, in the end, the architect’s work will have an impact on people’s lives. We totally agree with you, Qui-Yang.

As you know, over 70 different nationalities are represented here at CEU Valencia, and almost certainly all of them have a “representative” here in the ESET. Students who teach us about their culture, about how they understand architecture, about their traditions, landmarks and languages. Who make us understand that the world is big and small at the same time. And, of course, who feel like home at the ESET, which sounds just normal!


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