From Maracaibo to Valencia to take a tour of our Technical School

Andrea was in good hands even before setting foot on campus. When we heard that this international candidate from Venezuela needed a personalized attention due to her particular academic situation, our International Relations Office got down to the job and made the necessary arrangements for a perfect visit to CEU Valencia: at the end of the day, it doesn’t happen very often that a candidate flies from Venezuela to Valencia with the sole objective of visiting our facilities!

Andrea was received by Professor Ignacio Juan
Andrea was received by Professor Ignacio Juan

And her case was indeed special: an excellent student as demonstrated in the academic documentation she brought to validate, an outstanding attitude and a strong training background to support her application. With these ingredients, it would be difficult for us not to accept her as a transfer student of Architecture but of course, it was the admissions team and the Technical School who would have the final word.

Carrying all of her academic reports with her, she was received by Professor Ignacio Juan, Head of Architecture, who showed her the facilities and explained in detail how our degree in Architecture is structured. After the interview with the Faculty, in which she discussed the terms and  conditions of an eventual credit validation, it was then the turn of the final admission interview which would determine the acceptance of her application.

Accompanied by her personal advisor, who had managed her application from the very beginning, it was clear to us from the smile on her face that the hour-long interview had gone well and that she was at last accepted as CEU student! It was then that we approached her and congratulated her on the big news. “I never thought everything would go so smoothly; everyone has been extremely warm and welcoming here, I can’t wait to tell my parents!“, she told us.

Maite and Andrea, both from Venezuela, finally met at CEU!
Maite and Andrea, both from Venezuela, finally met at CEU!

With all the pressure already off her shoulders, it was then time for a little surprise as we had arranged, without her knowing, an informal meeting with Maite, a student of Veterinary from Venezuela with whom she had been in touch with: it was great to witness the moment when they finally met, after so many weeks of online conversations! It was then the moment to talk about other Venezuelan students here in Valencia, life at CEU and other curiosities – surprisingly, the highlight of the meeting was Andrea’s first napolitana de chocolate, a sweet delight that apparently does not exist in her home country!

Thank you for your visit, Andrea: we look forward to meeting you again on our Welcome Day next September! 😉


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