Gastro World — international cooking during the Technical School’s festival of creativity

Last Wednesday our first year students of Architecture gathered together with the plan of spending the afternoon cooking. This was no ordinary get-together, however, as the students coming from all over the world — Sweden, Ukraine, Ecuador, Egypt, Morocco, Zambia — prepared dishes from their respective countries in anticipation of the following day’s CreaFest Winter, a festival of creativity organised by the Technical School.

The international group met after classes, and after a division of tasks the cooking started. Elbows bumped together in the narrow kitchens and some tears were shed during a furious cutting of onions, but each dish was prepared with care and everything was finished in cooperation.

The dishes were then shared with the rest of the students during the CreaFest Winter festival on the following day. The Swedish, Egyptian, Zambian, and Ukrainian foods disappeared quickly from their plates as the curious students and staff gathered together for Gastro World, a tasting of the world dishes.

Gastro World was definitely one of the highest points of the festival as the whole School gathered together to enjoy this delicious experience. It also celebrated the internationalism of our students, bringing national and international students together in a cultural exchange with the collaboration of Campus Life.

There is no better way to share your culture with others than to do it with tasty food and good company!


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