Crea Fest at the Technical School

The Technical School of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University had a memorable day within the Crea Fest, an activity aimed at showcasing each one’s creative work to the rest of classmates, as well as sharing interests and skills in an international environment. The festival took place on December 15.

A selection of quick presentations (maximum of 2 minutes per student) signaled the start of Crea Fest, showing works and projects from all the 5 years of Architecture and Industrial Design, including Final Degree Projects, and Master students.

The wide diversity of exhibited works was further enriched by the different focus provided by each student: from finished projects, to others in development, sharing not only the final results, but also the path taken for achieving the goals. The 2-minute time limit requirement helped to build up a more direct communication style through a great summarizing effort, but without losing the fundamental ideas.

Later on, international students shared their typical food recipes with us, in the Gastro World activity. Students from countries like Sweden, Ukraine, Ecuador, Egypt, Morocco, or Zambia, had been cooking the day before, getting all the dishes ready for the Crea Fest. Gastro World was a great success, as shown by how quickly the food disappeared from the dishes.

Workshops showing skills as diverse as ties and bow ties, guitar lessons, skate, photography, or jewelry design, were also available during the day. Each participant could freely choose what workshop to join, and learn these skills directly from other classmates and guest professionals (who had been also trained at the Technical School).

A mural painted at an outside zone, a mannequin challenge, as well as delicious paella, gave a grand finale to an unforgettable day which helped us to better know classmates and colleagues from our School.


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