Winners for the bus-bicycle hub competition

The awards ceremony for the Bus-Bicycle Hub (Bike and Ride) Competition took place last March 11 at the ESET hall in the CEU Cardenal Herrera University. It was an exercise targeting subjects from 2nd year up to 5th year at the Architecture Degree and the Industrial Design Degree. So, most students from these two degrees entered the competition.

Professors and administrative staff voted a maximum of three entries (the authors real names were undisclosed during voting). All entries were exhibited at the School assembly hall, where the ballot box for voting was also placed.

The winning entries were:

Winner: “Sistematizar en uno”, a proposal by student Dana Baharvand Melero: A single structural element generates a bus stop with bike and ride that can be used in a wide range of locations. A symmetric duplication of this single element splits the space into a front part and a back part. The former constitutes the bus stop and amenities, while the later holds the bicycles.

"Sistematizar en uno", por Dana Baharvand Melero
“Sistematizar en uno”, by Dana Baharvand Melero

Design secondary award, to the “Tention we take care” proposal, by student César Andrés Cortina Anta. The key concepts used in this project are force and motion, with the goal of comfort and safety. All elements are designed in stainless steel, and the composition is built from the repetition and variations of a basic shape. The people flow is taken into consideration, and it’s possible that users leave their own bicycles in the system.

"Tention we take care", por César Andrés Cortina Anta
“Tention we take care”, by César Andrés Cortina Anta

4th year secondary award, to the “Shipping containers” proposal, by student Sandra Bešťáková. It’s a mobile modular system, made from two standard shipping containers. The first one is the basic module: bus stop with amenities, including shelves for books (you can borrow a book and return it at other stop). The second container is the bicycle module. The arrangement of the two containers isn’t rigid, but flexible: you can combine them freely, even adding several of them in a single stop if needed.

"Shipping containers", por Sandra Bešťáková
“Shipping containers”, by Sandra Bešťáková

5th year secondary award, to the “Más que una parada” proposal, by student Juan Bernardo Bertomeu Moragues. Designed for places with a weather similar to Valencia, but can be adapted to any location in the World. The main goal is to create an space richer than just a basic bus stop. Benches are disposed orthogonal to the road, so users can avoid to sit facing the traffic while they wait, and thus spend a pleasant time.

"Más que una parada", por Juan Bernardo Bertomeu Moragues
“Más que una parada”, by Juan Bernardo Bertomeu Moragues

3rd year secondary award, to the “Zig-Zag” proposal, by student María Albert Palanca. The basic concept defines an aggregation system, made from basic units of different types: service units, wait units, and mixed units. Units can be combined longitudinally or transversally, allowing a proper adaptation to any location.

"Zig-Zag", por María Albert Palanca
“Zig-Zag”, by María Albert Palanca

2nd year secondary award, to “El Punto” proposal, by student Stephanie Agostino.

"El Punto", por Stephanie Agostino
“El Punto”, by Stephanie Agostino

Our most sincere congratulations to all students for their excellent work in this exercise, which connected subjects from 2nd year up to 5th year, constituting a very enriching experience to all participants.


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