Visit to a construction site in Valencia

Architecture professor Juan de Dios Pérez Botella reports on the experience of the visit to a construction site with his students. We share with all of you his writing about this event.


On October 11th 2017, we proceeded to visit the remodelling that we are executing in the Hospital Clínico de Valencia, for the implementation of a Respiratory Care Unit in which I’m the project author and the technical project manager. It comprises the remodelling of an already existing facility that needed to be updated and renovated.

The work is aimed at setting up the spaces needed for the specific treatment of patients requiring advanced respiratory support. The Pneumology team directed by D. Emilio Servera is collaborating in the design of these boxes for the patients medical assistance with all the necessary equipment. It’s not only about the required facilities, but also about the best suited spaces and environment for attending the patients. The type of partitions, finishes and supporting spaces has been designed working closely together with the architect, both in the design phase of the project, as well as in its execution.

You can read more about the prestigious work of this team in the following link (in Spanish):

The students had the opportunity to observe the building elements and facilities in a big hospital center with a high standard in facilities and with an intensive use. We have studied the partition elements and their finishes. We have also studied the use of walls and plasterboard lining using different board types depending on the use. We’ve been able to analyze the requirements for design, appearance, and facilities in a building as complex as a hospital. We’ve also been able to see the laying and arrangement of finishes: flexible flooring, modular ceiling, and finishes with different characteristics in walls.

We wish to thank the support given by the maintenance service in the Hospital during our visit to the site.

Juan de Dios Pérez Botella



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