Alidia, green architecture for a more equitable future

Of course she likes green architecture. Alidia comes from Sweden, one of the beacons of sustainability and eco friendly housing in Europe. We met her some days ago and had a little chat about her icons, her experience here at CEU and some of her favourite buildings. It is all about good architecture!

Student at CEU Valencia
Alidia, a Swedish student in our Technical School of Architecture

Alidia, was it always your dream to become an architect?

I think I knew it for a very long time. I always loved doing my own projects, especially making 3D drawings. My family and friends were telling me all the time that I should study something where I could express myself and my creativity. So it felt like a very natural and obvious decision to go for Architecture.

It must be an awesome feeling to study something you were always dreaming about! What do you like most about your studies?

I would say the trips organized by our Technical School. Being able to study Architecture and travel at the same time is the best thing ever! You really learn something because you see everything with your own eyes.

Also, I love my colleagues. There are people from many different countries and it’s so nice and interesting to meet them and find out new things about each culture and traditions!

“Good architecture is all about good quality materials and being eco-friendly.”

And what does it feel like living in Spain?

I’ve been to Spain multiple times so I already knew a little bit about Spanish culture. I really like it, I think people here are very nice, welcoming and helpful. One thing that really shocks me is the weather. The sun is shining and it’s hot even in December! For me this is very exciting and unusual because it’s dark and cold back in Sweden.

Maybe there’s a place in Valencia that attracts your attention… What would that be?

I would say it’s the neighborhood Ruzafa. It’s so nice to go for a walk there and see all these beautiful buildings adorned with little details. Also, there are many cafes and small cute shops so I always enjoy doing some window shopping.

Student in our facilitiesWhat would you recommend to visit in Sweden because of its architecture?

To begin with, I would definitely recommend Stockholm! There you can find tons of impressive buildings and places that Sweden is famous for such as Ericsson Globe or the streets of the Old Town.

Secondly, you should go to Gothenburg to see Gothia towers. These are three spectacular skyscrapers that remind me of Twin Towers in New York. The only thing is that it’s a triplet!

Last but not least, another must see place is North of Sweden where you might see the northern lights and visit the Icehotel which is basically a hotel made of ice. I’m actually planning on going there for holidays. Of course, I will have to bring a lot of warm clothes with me…

Alidia, what is a good architecture for you?

In my opinion, there are two very important things that a good architecture must contain: creativity and sustainability. We must think about good-quality materials and being eco-friendly. Also, for me the connection between nature and architecture is very important. So instead of ruining it I want to kind of embrace it into architecture and turn it into a piece of art that wouldn’t be damaging or destructive.

“The trips organized by the Technical School is what I enjoy the most: Being able to study Architecture and travel at the same time is the best thing ever!”

Last but not least, for me it’s essential to bring natural light into the buildings, because it makes the space look more vibrant and alive.

Maybe you already have some ideas on how to incorporate green architecture in your future projects?

Well, my goal is to be a green architect. I definitely want to be a part and a friend of nature, not the one who is ruining it. Even though I still don’t have an exact idea of how I could make the situation better, I am sure my work will reflect it and will send this important message to the whole world.

Is there an architect that inspires you?

I adore a Danish architect Vilhelm Wohlert. I think he’s my favorite so far! What I like most about his work is the simplicity. He brings art, architecture and nature together and turns it into one beautiful masterpiece.

In addition, I really like Zaha Hadid who was never afraid of doing really unique things. She always followed her heart while creating and everything she did was impressive and magnificent. I find them both very inspiring.

Building by Zaha Hadid
Nanjing International Youth Cultural Center in Nanjing (China) | Photo credit: Denys Nevozhai

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Maybe it will sound weird but for me the underground system was always a very interesting and spectacular concept. It’s like a separate world. So creating a metro system would be like creating a whole new world beneath the actual one. I think it’s so cool and interesting and I really want to do that. I would incorporate natural light too so it wouldn’t be just a dark space.

Another dream I have is to work in New York, I would love to design skyscrapers!

Developing green solutions for new and existing buildings, minimizing the human impact on the environment. Just like Alidia, here at CEU Valencia we care about sustainable design.

We believe in Green Architecture for a more equitable world.


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