3rd International Week at our Technical School

From February 2nd-17th, our Technical School of Design, Architecture and Engineering will be hosting its 3rd International Week with a full range of lectures and workshops under the topic Architecture and Landscape: Promenades and Sights.

This edition of the international week will approach the issue of the relationship between architecture and landscape considering the reciprocal affection between artificial construction and natural surroundings.

The objectives of this encounter are:

  • To share teaching strategies and methodological disciplines around practical or
    theoretical disciplines linked to the studies of Architecture.
  • To discover different specific realities of the European context in our discipline, emphasising those approaches linked to each local culture. The overlapping of realities should reflect both the wide range of existing and potential synergies and also the contact points between the participants.
  • To look forward on the concepts of Architecture and landscape, and how the human artificial creation, as a good architectonical design can improve the environment.

For this, a workshop for ESET students is planned, in which they will develop a small project integrated into one of the landscape routes of the city of Cuenca (Spain). In this workshop, we will have the presence of invited professors from European Universities contributing with their points of view about the matter.


A. Lectures and conferences.
B. Thematic workshops and special classes.
C. Exhibition of results and discussions in public sessions.
D. Site visits to Valencia for foreign teachers.

The program will be based in the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility grants.


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