World Town Planning Day

Urbanism as a discipline in charge of planning the designs that improve the quality of life of citizens, celebrates on November 8 it’s Day. Promoted and designed by the urban planner engineer Carlos della Paolera in 1949, it seeks to answer questions concerning the planning of cities and their proper environment, its challenges and how to address them.

This is the reason why, each year, it seeks to raise awareness in professionals, in particular, and all citizens to live in healthy environments, emphasizing increased parks, remodeling and decongesting overcrowded areas and taking measures to help a minor impact on air and water. One way to raise awareness in both, communities and public authorities, to promote sustainable planning and less environmental impact caused by the excessive development of existing cities.

The report “Cities Alive” of Foresight, Innovation and Landscape Architecture identifies five key points to consider when meeting the needs of the entities that make up this category of living cities:

1. Green environment: it must provide natural, green spaces to improve physical and mental social interaction and health of the inhabitants.
2. Multifunctional design: provide efficient measures for longevity, consistency and health to cities and also respect for the natural environment.
3. Design creativity: Implementing innovative proposals that are enduring. Landscapers and designers must consider the existing green spaces as a future.
4. Harnessing technology: adapting to technological changes provide a benefit in ecosystems that are in constant change to maximize their resources.
5. Homogeneous relationship and joint participation: Every society organizations should work together for clear objectives. The designer must minimize risks and seize profits.


Over 30 countries celebrate this day through various activities that tend to discuss and make progress on all these aspects.

CEU Cardenal Herrera University also developed a special program about the event.


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