Chords design; our Architecture and Industrial Design students show us their talent on the guitar.

Architecture and Industrial Design are careers where creativity is a mandatory task. This was the main purpose of the Technical School’s Festival of Creativity, CreaFest Winter: show the creativity of our students in all possible ways.

Many workshops took place during the CreaFest Winter on the ESET on December 15th, 2016. One the workshops that gathered most people was the Guitar Lessons Workshop, where Moroccan, Ecuadorian, and Spanish students gathered to teach and learn how to play basic guitar chords.

ESET students and teachers learning to play the guitar.
ESET students and teachers learning to play the guitar.

Our ESET students Mario Momplet, Carol Lopez, and Andreu Gadea were in charge of this workshop where students and teachers learned how to play guitar with them. Carol and Mario shared a moment with us to explain where do their passion comes from.

Carol is a Design student, she loves art, and she says that her career and the guitar “are both art”. She likes everything related to art, “it doesn’t matter if it is drawn, spoken, written, or sung” she loves every way of art; she even tattooed her arm with the word Art. Carol plays the guitar, piano, ukulele, flute, and drums. Her mom is a musician as well. On the other hand, Mario plays the guitar and a little bit of piano. Both of them study Design and share this passion for playing the guitar.

The workshop started with Carol and Mario teaching some basic chords on the guitar, then Andreu joined them singing. More and more people kept coming in as they heard their guitars playing and their voices singing from the outside. The song to learn that morning was Wonderwall by Oasis. Four simple chords: Em, G, D, and A.

For Carol and Mario their guitars are considered as sons for them. Carol even gives a name to each of her guitars (her ‘babies’ as she refers to them). Her favorite model is the famous Gibson Les Paul, while Mario’s favorite is the Fender Stratocaster. They recommend to those interested in learning playing the guitar to be very insistent, take classes, listen to lots of music and be persistent.

When talking about a musical referent for them Mario answers: “Prince“, with no doubts while Carol says Slash, who is her idol since she was younger, and Paco de Lucia, who was neighbor of her parents back in Cadiz.

“Instruments are like your sons, because you spend a lot of time with them, you raise them, you educate them, you teach them to not be out of tune, you spend so much time with them that it is like being with someone, they are part of you”.

Carol Lopez, ESET Student.


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