“We always need to be learning to improve as much as possible”


Name: Carla Casanova Pardo

Graduation Year: 2010-2011

Company: Inditex

City: Shanghai (China)

Where are you working now?

Inditex Shanghai.

Which is your last project? And the most important one?

All my projects are Zara shops. Depending on the location of the shop, it’s a more or less important project.

Do you think your academic training at University has helped you in your daily work?

Of course it helps, but you always need to learn new things in each different project in order to master your daily work.

Tell us briefly how an ordinary day at work is for you.

Depends on the day. I combine work in office, checking that all projects are under control, and work on site (shop) checking everything goes according to the guidelines.

In general, how are your feelings towards the studies you did at University CEU Cardenal Herrera?

I don’t have any complaints about the studies, but I think you need to give more options when studying different areas of architecture and also do more stress upon the output to work and professional practice, both national and international.

Would you recommend University CEU Cardenal Herrera to people with academic interests like your own?


What are your future professional objectives?

Right now, I just changed my company, so my only objective for now is to try to do a good job.

How were your professors like? Did they motivate you to excel in your field of expertise, to reach for more than what might be considered the norm?

There are always good and not so good teachers, at school, at high school or college, but I always have had more of the good ones.

Do you think University CEU Cardenal did enough to assist you in developing your talents and skills? Could we have done more in this respect? If so, what more could we have done?

As I said before, the University does a lot for developing our talents and skills but it’s never enough.

We always need to be learning to improve as much as possible.

Do you miss Spain? Do you plan on returning?

I always miss Spain, I don’t have a date for return right now but I want to believe that in the future I could return.


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