Chicago’s Architecture Biennial

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Under the name “The State of the Art of Architecture” last October 3, the first Biennial of Chicago was opened. The most important meeting of American’s architecture, is inspired by the conference organized by the theoretical Stanley Tigerman in 1977, which took place in the same city.

The Chicago’s Architecture Biennale is a project of the Mayor Rahm Emanuel, developed by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events in Chicago, which brings together the work of more than 100 architects and artists from around the world. The participants present unique projects on display in the facilities intended for that purpose throughout the city of Chicago Cultural Center, Millennium Park, the City Gallery in the Historic Water Tower or Expo 72, among others.


Today, architects, designers, builders and artists are developing a new way of looking at architecture in general, more in keeping with the situations and needs of the moment. The environment, aesthetics, technology, social and economic aspects are the key points to consider in the development of new projects. This biennial is to explore these issues and find ways to translate them.
Accompanying the exhibition there is a large public program, including performances, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, tours, films and social events. Anyone who wants can also participate.
The biennial will end on January 3, 2016.




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