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Federica’s internship as Erasmus student in Architecture ended with a prize. She came from Italy and now she wants to share her experience with us. 

Federica Bradariolo and the winner project
Federica Bradariolo and the winner project

Hi Federica! tell us why did you choose UCH-CEU for your Erasmus?

I choose CEU because of a friend of mine say to me that is a beautiful school. Also the professors are very kind and well prepared. In this university there are a lot of opportunity to learn always new things from the main steps of the project till more complex item or even technical instrument in the amazing workshop space.

What about your experience in Valencia and our University?

Valencia is an amazing city to live and have fun. It is a very relaxing place and everything works well. The University is amazing and all buildings are beautiful and well organized (library, central building…) Also the people inside and the efficiency of all amministrative office make this university competitive and the first choice for a lot of student.

Tell us more about your winner project in the CREAFEST.

The project is located in Cuenca on the banks of Jucar river. It is a natural place so I want to design something easy to preserve the beauty of the place. The heart of the project are two swimming pools surrounded by several service such as: toilet, showers, a restaurant and three nature classroom, and a walkway that allows to joint two banks of the river.  The most important thing was to create buildings that  would be integrated with the surrounding nature, for this reason they were designed on a single level and entirely in wood.

Federica Bradariolo explains her project at the CREAFEST
Federica Bradariolo explains her project at the CREAFEST

The swimming pools plan is very simple. There is a little footbridge to connect the natural one whit the artificial pool. The section is more difficult but in the background you can see the “building bridge” in which there are three classroom to discover nature and the place itself with different activities for children and for adult. The restaurant is a very simple building. The most important thing is that all services are located in a single band on the left side of the building.

The entire project want to create a natural atmosphere in a great place to live and enjoy the day or just few hours.

What do you think about the CREAFEST?

The CREAFEST is a beautiful moment to share a lot of interesting works from all courses. It is a big opportunity to learn something new from all “eset-student” and spend a great day all together.


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