CreaFest Winter 2.0: welcome to our Factory of Ideas

“Do you know where the Ping-Pong tournament is taking place?”, “Wait here, I’m taking a pic for my Instagram”, “Guys, have you already signed up for the pottery workshop?”, “We do not have any red spray left for the graffiti”, “Hey, be careful with that skateboard!”

CreaFest, the perfect get-together for students of our Technical School
CreaFest, the perfect get-together for students of our Technical School

These are just some of the phrases we heard yesterday at the CreaFest Winter, among many others announcing that, once again, there was something different going on in our most creative hub, the Technical School. Or maybe that is our day-to-day life here in our School and the CreaFest is nothing more than an opportunity to show outsiders how we are and what we do here.

Because our beloved ESET is in fact a “factory of ideas” where everything has its own place, from Graphic Design projects to futuristic models or three-dimensional drawings. And, at least just for one day, we wrap everything up, we add some upbeat electronic music (yes, in our classrooms you can find some really talented DJs) and we enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Because CreaFest is above all a great party. A party where you can grab a coffee and have a chat with your Art teacher, enjoy a delicious paella with some mates from the Master’s Degree in Graphic Design and Communication or meet old friends like Carol, who last year led a guitar workshop and has returned to CEU Valencia, this time as an alumni. We found out that she is now working in Madrid and that she will soon go to Korea to work as a designer – with a short technical stop in our School to participate in the graffiti workshop. We loved seeing you again, Carol: we hope to see you soon succeeding in the world of animation!

Carol (left), leaving her mark during her visit to our Technical School
Carol (left), leaving her mark during her visit to our Technical School

And from Carol to our current students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, who presented their projects in the already famous (and feared by some) Pecha Kucha. Two minutes to present their ideas in front of the entire School, no matter the nature of the project: Interior, Product or Graphic Design, from first or last-year students of each of our degrees. Guys, forget about that fear of speaking in public: you have shown us again that you can compete with any professional in the sector!

But CreaFest was not only about projects, it was also about having fun and spending some time together. After enjoying the international dishes of our Gastro World and a delicious Valencian paella, because here we like to share the best of each nationality, we got the ball rolling and gave the go-ahead for our workshops:

  • Mobile photography, for those potential igers and influencers
  • Wall painting
  • Ceramics, for those willing to explore new techniques and materials
  • Quick drawing, for those who dare to face the famous 60/15 (60 seconds to look at an object and 15 minutes to draw it in the most realistic possible way; try it, it is not as easy as you might think)
  • Skate

And so we have said goodbye to a new edition of the CreaFest Winter and we are already looking forward to its summer edition on June 21st, 2018. With many more projects and many more ideas, as promised by Martín, our new Student Rep. We’ll take your word, Martín, and we’re sure you will surprise us again!


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