Who’s that guy? Juan Manuel, a designer in process from Venezuela

We have seen him many times around campus. In fact, one would say that he is one of those students who is always participating in the activities we organize here at the Technical School and, believe us, they are quite a few.

We recently tried to remember when was the first time we saw Juan Manuel and, after viewing this video that we recorded with him in the past Creafest Winter, it finally dawned on us: of course, it’s the guy from the beach!


As he tells us, one of his passions and the things he enjoys the most in Valencia is the proximity to the beach. That’s why we remember him, back in October at the Malvarrosa beach, participating in an outing we always organize at the ESET during freshers’ week: a fun way to kick-start the course and learn through games and group dynamics. Of course, on that occasion, we still did not know him very well.

But we also remember him as Ping Pong Champion. Yes, he was the winner of the tournament we recently celebrated at the ESET!

We assume that the fact that he participates so actively in all our activities is a sign that he feels well received and integrated in our School. Let’s add that this future designer has plans to undertake something big in his native country, Venezuela: a brand, a product … something, but something BIG!

Juan Manuel, big ideas are come from minds like yours. You have years of study and work ahead of you that will require effort and determination. But remind us, the day you graduate, to take you back to Malvarrosa beach and have a couple of beers.


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