3 x 3: three students, three projects and three future designers

Once again our Technical School has celebrated a party that we personally love, CreaFest Summer. For those of us who are regulars at this celebration, CreaFest marks the beginning of summer here at CEU Valencia.


And it is precisely this evolution that leads you to ask yourself if the special atmosphere at our ESET has anything to do with the creative development of students. That feeling of familiarity in the School, those spaces shared by professors and students, the different nationalities coexisting in the classrooms… everything seems to foster a certain creativity and the desire to learn, to grow.

We have asked three students of Industrial Design about some of the projects they exhibited during this edition of CreaFest. These are their stories!

Lourdes, 2nd Year 

“Professor Manolo Martínez Córcoles proposed the challenge of creating a chair, one that we would choose ourselves. We had some limitations such as not bending the wood and making the most of the material used, trying not to waste it. I did a small market analysis and decided on a stool instead of a chair. At first I found it hard to find inspiration, but then I knew that I wanted to use simple lines and that I also wanted some color, that’s why I used the rope.

Lourdes Martín Miralles, student of 2nd Year of Industrial Design
Lourdes Martín Miralles, student of 2nd Year of Industrial Design

The stool is simple and strong and I think it has something different. As my classmates liked it in general, I received an extra dose of motivation. Now I think that if I have done this, I can do much more. This year I had some doubts whether Design was really my thing, I was a little unmotivated, but this project and the fact of being able to prove my potential , have helped me to confirm that this is my way”.


Martín, 3rd Year

“I participated in a Workshop under the topic of Packaging and the first day they gave us a quite surprising order: a box for underpants. Already for the next session we had to bring 15 ideas to discuss with the teacher, so I used the methodology of forced relationships. It is a way of designing that consists of mixing ideas; taking as reference something that already exists and take it out of its normal use.

Martín Pérez Sánchez, student of 3rd year of Industrial Design
Martín Pérez Sánchez, student of 3rd year of Industrial Design

This project has helped me get out of my comfort zone. So far I had worked on a design style which is whiter, smoother, with elegant, classic lines… but this product, with its particularities, asked for something else and I had to explore new options.


It has also been a great training to make quick decisions. I have worked a lot and very fast! It was a very demanding project and I have done it in just three weeks, it has been very exciting. Our teacher, Pedro González, has been involved with all of us and has helped us to choose the idea with more passion. In general, all of us who participated in the workshop are very happy with the projects and we even consider submitting them to competitions, contacting a company… “.

Anna Caterina, Erasmus+ student from Università Iuav di Venezia

“In the subject of Design for Leisure we were asked to work on the creation of a ride-on. I was inspired by Sonic, the famous character of the video game console Sega. This is the first project that I have worked on a real scale here in the School’s facilities. I have learned to cut wood, to sand, to screw. I have really enjoyed it.

Anna Caterinna, Erasmus+ student at our Technical School
Anna Caterinna, Erasmus+ student at our Technical School

What I liked the most was seeing the project growing day by day, seeing it progress and realizing that I was still capable of taking it forward. I know I have a lot to improve and that I must continue learning, even though I am satisfied with my supersonic fox. Out of nowhere, I created a little foot-to-floor car. And who knows, maybe my future nephew or niece will end up using it!


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