Oops!… We did it again! CreaFest welcomes the summer in Valencia

You know it’s summer when you receive an invitation to attend CreaFest in the Technical School here at CEU Valencia: 3 years on the go and counting!

Summer vibes, a great atmosphere and design innovation were the things that came to our mind when we arrived yesterday in our Technical School – aka the ESET – for a day full of diversity, original thinking and extended discussion about the latest trends in the worlds of design and architecture.

Students, staff, alumni and the whole CEU community joined the big summer party celebrated at the Technical School
Students, staff, alumni and the whole CEU community joined the big summer party celebrated at the Technical School

From 1:30 pm until late in the evening – it was a party after all! – participants in the CreaFest discovered hundreds of projects on display and got involved in activities proposed by the different staff members at the ESET.

To the beat of Depeche Mode, professors Ignacio Juan and Manuel Bañó formed working teams with students from different degrees and nationalities: something we like doing a lot here at CEU. It was the first step of the Thinking Challenge, a fast-paced creative competition in which each team had the task of creating a tower of paper. Easy? In just one hour, they competed to build the highest and most stable tower, using only the paper provided!


CreaFest began as an improvisational event, but has later grown into a large-scale creativity display with a wide arrange of workshops, activites and projects led by the School’s students and alumni. This year, director Sara Barquero and the whole community at the Technical School of Design, Architecture and Engineering also used the event to celebrate and highlight 30 years of inspiration and design heritage in the heart of Valencia.


A big party that ended well into the night and which not only celebrated 30 years of design at CEU, but also kicked off the renovation of the building, which will change its appearance in the upcoming months. The ESET improvement works will deliver and upgrade some of its spaces to adapt them to the needs of the students. We will see more light (to create), new materials (to innovate) and new colours (to share). An ESET which starts to change for a community that never gets tired of learning.

We say FAREWELL to the academic year and HELLO to a summer full of bright ideas!

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