Our School, a factory of BRIGHT ideas

To study at CEU Valencia is to choose a University in which things are done differently. It is a place where we combine experience and innovation. It is having the opportunity to study in one of the most international universities in Spain. It is taking the first step that will get you wherever you want to go.

Our School has a very close relationship with companies as a way of introducing our students into the labour market. And in our classrooms there is a curious blend: we have very experienced teachers and others who are young alumni, and that is because good mixtures always lead to new ideas.


We no longer teach in the way and manner that others understand. That is why if you come to our University you will soon discover that in our classrooms there are not only teachers who “teach”. Many other things happen in our classrooms, and many of them depend, of course, more on the students than on the teacher. Because to really learn the focus needs to be, of course, on you. That’s why at CEU Valencia the important thing is not going to class, it’s participating in the class.

We believe in the value of ideas

Because we believe in our ideas, we also believe in yours. In our University you will find spaces for innovation and creation. We only need your own new ideas to turn them into projects, yes, reviewed by your capacity for self-criticism.

Your future is part of our work and that depends a lot on what you are able to contribute to society when you finish at the University.


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