“Every designer has to have an approach that defines them”: A talk by studio Enblanc

The activities at the Technical School of Design, Architecture and Engineering continue with talks given by visiting professionals of the design world who come to share their vision with us, offering our students an exceptional learning opportunity as they get to listen to the experiences of professionals in their fields of study. Most recently, on Thursday, 6th of October, the design studio Enblanc paid us a visit to discuss the inseparability of product design, interior design, and graphic communication.

“Every designer has to have an approach that defines them,” declared Paula Aloy, one of the core members of Enblanc. From the importance of the initial creative process to the materialization of the project as a solution to the client’s needs, the talk tackled the different phases of a designer’s work.

Discussing the final objective of a design, the members of Enblanc highlighted three possible approaches the designer can adopt in their work:

  1. The most primitive approach during which the designer asks “Is this design beautiful?”
  2. The functional approach that focuses on the use of the end product: “Is this design practical?”
  3. The reflective approach, more sophisticated than the rest and focused on the added value of the design: the “something more” that some products possess.

In their work the designer has to consider one or more of these criteria, following the needs and wishes of the client.

Founded by Paula Aloy, Jose Aranda, and Carlos Velasco, Enblanc works in the fields of industrial design, interior design, and graphic communication, carrying out projects with a global vision and looking for practical, simple, and coherent solutions for their clients. Enblanc is an old acquaintance of University CEU Cardenal Herrera, as the studio has been collaborating with us since 2011 as teachers in the Masters’ Programmes of Product Design and Interior Design.

You can read more about Enblanc here!


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