5 Reasons why you should study Industrial Design

Deciding what you want to do in the future is an important choice. If you are planning to train as an Industrial Designer but you are not entirely sure, perhaps this post will help you: here you have our top five reasons why you should study Industrial Design and Product Development at CEU Valencia!


1. You will be able to design any type of object

Industrial designers are in charge of coming up with an idea, planning and technically developing the objects that we are surrounded by: the chair that you are currently sitting on while you read this post, the watch that you’re wearing, the last car that you went in or the handle that you used to open the door to the room that you’re currently in. Any product that is produced through industry is marketed and serves a purpose to our environment needs to be designed. In other words, the breadth of work for an industrial designer is immense.

2. Your degree will be vibrant and dynamic

Since the professional focus is open to any type of product, throughout the degree in Industrial Design and Product Development you will study varied subjects and work on very diverse projects; from furniture, lights, projects related to cars, something nautical, packets and packaging… to projects that are more technical and technological that you won’t only design the exterior but also how each project functions internally.

“Designing a product is designing a relationship”, Steve Rogers

Such a wide range means it can be difficult to create a list of the products for each subject that are available each year to students. It is precisely this variety that makes Industrial Design and Product Development such a rewarding, vibrant and dynamic degree.

3. No two weeks will be the same

The amount of energy that you will need to tackle the diverse projects in each subject will keep you active busy all the time. It is entirely possible that one week you will be researching how create a union between wood and metal in one of the workshops in the Technical School at CEU and then the next week you will be working out how the interfacing of a mobile phone works so that you can transfer the knowledge onto one of your own class projects. Welcome to the design profession where no two weeks are the same.


4. You will be able to do all the internships that you want to

From second year, you will be able to do internships and complete your education whilst working with professionals in the sector. Internships are fundamental to refining your knowledge and putting your skills into practice.


You will be able to do up to 600 internship hours in the same business or design studio. If you want to do your internship in various businesses then you can also do this, as long as you don’t go over the limit.

5. You will learn to design with various professional designers

The focus of the Industrial Design and Product Development degree is completely professional; all of the project subjects, those that are the main part of the degree, are taught by working designers. The majority of the time they are designers with their own studios who combine their professional work with teaching at the Graduate School for Technical Teaching at CEU.


These are our 5 reasons on why you should study Industrial Design at CEU but if you have more we would love to know, leave us a comment!


If, after reading this post, you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. The Information Service for New Students will be able to help you; if you are a Spanish student you will be able to find all of their contact details here and if you are reading this from outside of Spain, our International team will be ready to help you out here!


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