15 minutes to create a new world

Imagine a pencil, a blank sheet of paper and a clock that is counting down. Imagine a hand and the first point with which a drawing begins. A small point, almost invisible in the middle of the sheet of paper: this is how a world begins.

Our students of architecture and design want to conquer that world. When they finish their careers, the technology will have advanced even more, but they know that the pencil, the paper and that point are everything.

The ESET WinterFest has tested students of the degree in Industrial Design and the degree in Architecture, with a workshop that challenges them to demonstrate their capacity for analysis, their memory and their open vision of the objects that surround us.

The main role of the workshop is to know how to interpret textures, lighting, proportions and volume of certain objects. These objects are shown to participants on a screen, but for 60 seconds. Only 60 seconds.

When the image disappears they have 15 minutes to draw it. It is the 60’15” challenge, one of the many workshops organized by ESET to welcome the winter. A whole day of activities and presentations in which our students meet people from their sector, exchange experiences and give free rein to the inspiration and creativity that led them to study with us one day.

The objects of this challenge were well-known products in the industrial design sector, from household appliances to furniture and all of them with a great variety of textures (marble, plastic, textile, chromed metal tube, etc.).

When analyzing the image projected on the board, each student has to make a measurement of the volume of the product to make a drawing with the correct proportion on paper. Subsequently, they have to interpret textures, and the role of lighting, two key aspects for understanding of all the parts that make up the product.

And now imagine that the image disappears from the screen. And that you will not see it again: and that you only have 15 minutes.

Time has already begun to run … Do you dare?



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