Something more than a piece of furniture

An Italian proverb says that love and cough cannot be hidden. The same happens with creativity. A few months ago Nuria Sánchez participated in CREAFEST WINTER organised by CEU Cardenal Herrera University’s ESET (Architecture, Technical Design and Engineering School). She participated with a workshop about jewellery.

Now, with the summer season beginning, ESET organised CREAFEST SUMMER. Nuria participated again, this time with a different idea. She was awarded the first prize to the best project of Industrial Design from 2016-2017 academic year.

This is the story of that idea, of the winning design and the passion of a student.

The chair that won the prize was part of a project that all students of the first year of the Industrial Design Degree accomplished for the Basic Design Extension course.

Núria remembers the first steps of the project:

“I started sketching until I found a shape that I liked. I saw potential, modernity in it and I was happy with the result”.

The design and the structure of the back were essential from the beginning: “I wanted a big remarkable back, standing out from the seat and surrounding you. I wanted to create something more than a piece of furniture, a space where anyone could relax”.

A view of the CREAFEST
A view of the CREAFEST

In the creation process, she had to keep perfecting the idea until she had found the precise design:

“My main goal was to create something that could move me, make me proud of my work now that I have found a degree that I love, that inspires and entertains me. While I was developing my project I could see that I was achieving good results. Some things that I liked in the sketch lost their strength in reality. I had to modify them until I found the design I wanted.”

She admits that since she was a child, creating interested her and “everything related to crafts. Moreover, it was the area in which she had the best results and where she felt more comfortable. I am also passionate about the aesthetics of what surrounds us”.

Her passion and creativity found the best place to be expressed and improved in ESET and in the Industrial Design Degree.



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