Product design from the very beginning: jewelry design led by first-year student

Her name is Nuria Sánchez and she has just started her degree in Industrial Design at our Technical School, but she already shows sign of what her future career will be. Just before starting her exams – last time we saw her she was preparing her first exam on Art History – she did find the time to organize a workshop on jewelry design in the framework of the CreaFest Winter. And we must admit it was one of the hottest spots of the day.

Nuria (far right) during her workshop on jewelry design
Nuria (far right) during her workshop on jewelry design

“I have always liked arts and crafts, creating things with my own hands. I guess that is why I love Product Design so much!”, said Nuria during her workshop. She was one of the many students that led different activities and ateliers during the CreaFest, a festival of creativity in which students took the floor to share their knowledge in different areas, from music to skating or crocheting a bow tie. A full day to foster our students’ creative side in which Nuria set her classmates in the crafting path of jewelry.

“I enjoy creating jewels with original and exclusive designs, although I do not make a living out of it; it is more of a hobby”, tells Nuria, whose friends are constantly encouraging her to launch her own brand (“Pequeños Detalles“).

During the workshop, she taught her friends to create a different range of pieces, from earrings to bracelets, always using affordable materials. The hallmark of her jewels? “My pieces are both elegant and easy to wear”.

Asked about her future in the Design industry, she still hesitates a little: “I am still not sure; I know I will work as a designer, but maybe in another field. As I told you, jewelry design is just a hobby. I still have a lot to learn!”.

“It is great to share experiences with my classmates from France and other countries!”

Nuria is lucky to study in an international hub like the ESET: “I will go on an Erasmus+ placement when the moment comes”. In fact, she is already preparing herself attending different language courses and practicing her skills with her classmates.


It might be in Spain or elsewhere Nuria, but we are sure you will become a great designer in the future!


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