Valencia: My Top 3 Places to Dine on a Budget

I think we can all agree that one of the more difficult aspects of university life is finding that perfect balance between eating healthy but also cost-friendly. When I first moved to university, I was overwhelmed with all the new options I was given for meals and sometimes found it hard to use my self-control. I felt like I was constantly spending all my money at restaurants and, although it was fun to try various new places and plates, it was beginning to get hard for me to budget wisely. After much investigation on behalf of my stomach and my wallet, I’ve compiled a list of the top three places I consider very economical and tasty in Valencia.



As indicated in its name, FrescCo is an open buffet that offers a variety of fresh and healthy choices for an affordable price. For starters, you can choose from an assortment of vegetables and toppings to help design your own salad or simply choose a seasonal salad or soup. If you’re really looking to feast, you can continue to the buffet’s pizza, pasta and grilled section. Open buffets are wonderful because you pay a set price in the beginning and then are free to eat as much as you’d like, allowing you to really benefit in both aspects. To find out more about what FrescCo’s buffet offers, visit their website.

Little Thai

Little Thai is a delicious and easy option for lunch or dinner. Thai food is known for being  flavorful, rich, and full of different spices but its not always the healthiest cuisine. What makes Little Thai so great is that you can choose from a menu of plates or you can create your own. Being able to pick your base and add additional ingredients allows you to decide how healthy your meal is. Everything is priced at just 5.50 euros every Wednesday which makes the food taste that much better. See what Thai dish you can choose by visiting their website.

Mercat Central 

In my opinion, the central market of Valencia is home to some of the most appetizing and authentic food in the city. Not only are there an abundance of displays to choose from, each one is unique and reasonably priced. You can choose to buy special dishes from  the different booths or decide to pick out fruit, cheese, bread, jam, and olives of your liking to fulfill the perfect picnic. The best thing about shopping here is a majority of the things are local and organic, so not only are you helping yourself out – you’re also helping out the community and the environment! Check out all the options from the Mercat Central by checking out their website.

As you can see, there are plenty of different options when you are looking for places to eat out in Valencia. No matter if you are looking for comfort food, grab-and-go, vegan, or a midnight snack… we are sure you will find a wealth of dining options outside campus!


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