Top 6 Vegan friendly spots in Valencia

As a vegan I’ll admit that when it comes to eating out in Spain it isn’t the easiest settlement. I’ll also like to add that, that shouldn’t motivate you to retire nor give up. Fortunately, veganism is really beginning to amplify globally, giving us vegans a plenitude of options. Whether your vegan, vegetarian or just a bit curious, I’d like to share my top 6 go to vegan friendly spots in Valencia. I hope some of these are new & enjoyable to you.

  1. Vegans can find many eating options in Valencia!
    Vegans can find many eating options in Valencia!2

    Almalibre Açaí Bar—located in El Carmen has a wonderful vegan friendly menu. It offers a variety of healthy eating options. From sweet açaí bowls to flavorful vegan nachos and hearty salads, Almalibre has all things to make you feel well nourished.

  2. Bar Almudin—my go to paella restaurant. It’s a small old fashioned restaurant serving outstanding Spanish cuisine and tapas. The vegetable paella is so savory and cooked with ingredients purchased from the one & only Mercado Central–support your locals!
  3. Khambú—formerly known as The Vurger has the best vegan burgers (vurgers) in the city. Khambú even offers vegan bacon burgers for all you bacon lovers! As well as vegan nuggets. So when you’re in the mood for fast-food without a doubt head on over to Khambú.
  4. D’empanadas—where you can pick up delicious homemade Argentinean empanadas. They offer all sorts of empanadas which includes a variety of inexpensive vegan options. I personally love the Soja al Curry, Seitan, and Tofu con Wakame. Apart from serving empanadas they also offer homemade cakes; vegan ones too! Try the chocobanana or carrot cake. So heavenly.
  5. La Romana—by far the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever tasted. La Romana serves seasonal fruit flavors as well as rich and creamy ones. Definitely save this spot for dessert, it’s worth the wait.
  6. El Obrador del Carme—this tiny bakery has so many vegan goodies! Chocolate croissants, vegetable empanadas, vegan quiches, chocolate chip cookies and so much more can all be devoured at El Obrador del Carme. The baker also accepts cake requests with your choice of flavor. So you don’t ever have to miss out on birthday cake again!

If you are an international student at CEU Valencia and have adopted veganism or are just making an effort to live a more sustainable life, we are sure these tips will be of great help. You will see that coming to study in another country doesn’t have to be an intimidating (food) challenge for you!


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