What does the University do to help its students integrate?


We know that many of our students feel anxious in their early days at the University. They’re starting out on a crucial stage of their lives, one which is very different to what went before, and they’re not sure how they’ll adapt to all the changes. In order to make them feel at home at CEU UCH as quickly as possible, we put on a wide range of activities to help them.

1. We try to make sure that they won’t feel lonely.

From the first day:

During the first week, University organizes what are known as “Welcome Days”. The purpose of the activities during these days is to encourage interaction between students, lecturers, and all the University staff. Examples of the activities to welcome students to the big CEU family are:

A tour around the University

Students from other years show the first-years everything they need to know about the campus.

Info Desks

Information stands are put up around the campus with the help of students from other years. These Info Desks are placed in the foyers of various campus buildings to help students resolve any queries they may have.

Speed Friending

Breaking the ice with someone you don’t know is tricky for anyone. To make it easier for them, we’ve come up with Speed Friending. This is a fun activity which helps students from different countries and degrees to get to know each other.

The Services Fair

This outdoor fair is held in early September, enabling students to find out about the different University services and to sign up for the extra-curricular activities on offer. At this event, students find out about the Campus Life programme, including the student clubs which cover a range of interests, including music, radio, drama, ceramics, literature, sport, and wild animals. Students can also suggest ideas for events that could be held during the academic year or even create their own club.

Student Mentoring Programme

During the Welcome Days, we also organize an event where new students can meet older students who act as mentors. The scheme is open to everyone who requests it. Our student mentors are volunteers and they receive prior training in providing high-quality support to new students: how to resolve queries, how to tell them about their own experience, how to introduce them to more people, etc.

Right through to the final day of the year:

The Campus Life office is open all year and organizes events to promote student interaction and integration.

Students can also visit The Hub 101, a venue specially designed to facilitate language learning through a wide range of activities: language exchanges, foreign language films, cultural celebrations such as the Chinese New Year or the French Semaine du Goût. The fact that the CEU UCH campus is so international makes it easy to organize events like this.

2. We help to keep them focused

All students are assigned a personal tutor when they begin their degree, who is available to them throughout the first year. These lecturers will do everything they can to ensure that their students fully adapt to the university environment.

3. We offer support to our students if they’re finding things tough


The counsellors at the University Guidance Service are psychologists. Specially trained to support students with personal or academic difficulties. They can also help students tackle the academic challenges of the first year through instruction in study skills, with a focus on motivation, organization, and performance.



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