Ready to come to Valencia? Here are our packing tips

Hello, student! Are you coming to Valencia for your studies abroad, but packing is driving you crazy, because you don’t know what to bring with you? Don’t worry: here we share five tips to make it all so much easier.

First tip: The essentials

  • Important documents (passport, visa, itinerary, plane tickets, etc.)
  • €300 (make sure you have enough cash for a few days ( It is important for you to have enough money to have the basic necessities covered, such as: transportation, food for a few days and expenses necessary for personal grooming)
  • All the papers that you need to bring to the University CEU Cardenal Herrera. (Letter of acceptance from the university, Validated subject format, copy of the student visa and passport)

Second tip: Clothing

One of the biggest attractions of Valencia is its Mediterranean climate which means warm or mild temperatures for most of the year. When it comes to the cold months — which are few, mind you — two jackets are enough to spend the winter time without problems, so don’t overpack winter clothes!

As for the summer time (believe me, it will be one of the hottest summers you will experience) you will need sunglasses, T-shirts, shorts, flip. You have chosen the perfect place for this new adventure, Valencia has a Mediterranean climate almost all year round, summer clothing is necessary and indispensable:  flops, sunscreen, a swimsuit, and one nice outfit (dress pants/a skirt/a dress) for special or formal occasions.

Third tip: Technology

  • Computer with a charger
  • Camera with its cords and charger
  • An adapters (changes the shape of the electrical plug) and/or a converter (reduces or increases the current’s voltage)

Valencia has a lot of beautiful places that you will want to immortalize in your memory with your camera, taking photos and making videos. Here some examples, just click the link and enjoy:

Endy’s not-to-be-missed spots

Nightlife in Valencia: Endy’s suggestions!

Fourth tip: Information about Valencia

  • All the information about public transportation: Getting to the university is simple with MetroValencia, the line that leads to our institution is line number 1 (The yellow line : Direction Bétera or Seminari CEU), it should be noted that from the center of the city to the campus of Moncada is only about a 20-minute journey.
  • Tourist attractions to visit: click here to access our post dedicated to some interesting places to discover in the city center, places you can not miss. Good luck and enjoy!

Fifth tip: The right attitude

Most importantly, bring yourself! Without you this experience will make no sense. Keep in mind that you need to bring with you your energy, dreams, and desire to grow. Valencia is already waiting for you.


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