Things that make me feel at home when I’m not in the U.S.

It’s not too common for me to feel homesick when I’m living in Valencia, Spain. I mean come on, I’M LIVING IN SPAIN. Yet, of course we all have our days when we miss our home, families, and Abuela’s cooking. Which is why I’ve made a list of a few things that make me feel at home when I’m not in the U.S!

Tropical City Vibes in Valencia
Tropical City Vibes in Valencia
  • Coming from Miami, I’m all too familiar with sandy beaches, sunshine, and tropical palm trees. Playa de la Malvarrosa is a perfect example of what home is like for me. I absolutely love having the ocean nearby.
  • I really enjoy that ABC Park plays movies in their original version every Thursday! Of course its great practice to watch Spanish movies but sometimes you just need a break to indulge in a guilty pleasure.
  • For authentic Miami flavor I always head over to Salsavana in Russafa. They offer the most authentic Cuban cuisine I’ve had so far in Valencia. Oh yeah and the mojitos are to die for! You must check this place out.
  • One thing you may notice strolling down the streets of Valencia are the endless amounts of orange trees lining the streets. They really make me feel as if I’m back home in Florida.
Like I said, endless amounts of calorie
Like I said, endless amounts of calorie
  • Although Valencia is on the other side of the hemisphere luckily you can still have a taste of back home. I hope this list makes it a bit easier for other American students to feel less homesick. Homesick or not, I highly recommend eating at Salsavana and indulging in some sweet American treats from Taste of America.If you haven’t already checked out the American store; Taste of America you should definitely give it a go and see what they have to offer. It’s the perfect store to find all the
    ingredients needed to celebrate Thanksgiving! The options are endless and unfortunately so are the calories.
  • Consum and Hiper Asia are two grocery stores that carry an array of international products that you couldn’t find any place else. I regularly go and locate ingredients that help me replicate my Abuela’s cooking.
  • Starbucks, found on every corner back home, is always a great place to cool off and have a chat with friends. Although it is an expensive alternative, the friendly environment and staff makes it all worthwhile.
  • Thankfully in Mercado Central I can find a lot of tropical fruit that I couldn’t find elsewhere in the city. Fruits like mango, lychees, passion and dragon fruit are a few that I can find back home at my local farmers market. That’s why I love Mercado Central!
Most delicious and authentic Cuban food in Valencia.
Most delicious and authentic Cuban food in Valencia.


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