Time is running out: kickstart your career now


When you’re near the end of your degree and close to beginning your career, you may have many conflicting feelings. After so much time working hard to overcome all those academic hurdles, the finish line is now in sight.

graduation is nearly here!

You need just to make one last push to achieve your dream: you have that determination you need to keep going, but you’re probably feeling a little bit of panic and trepidation at the thought of graduation – you may even want to go back to the beginning! After all, you’ve spent several clearly structured and planned years at university, but now you’re coming to a stage in your life where there’s uncertainty: where will your first job be and what will it be like?

At the CEU Cardenal Herrera University we can help you plan for your future career.

To tackle the career challenges ahead of you, you’ll have to undertake another journey for which you’ll need a different approach – the hurdles you’ll be faced with won’t be the same, but you still need to work hard to get to the end and reach your goal.

To do this and succeed in the career challenges you’ll have to deal with, you need to think carefully about the strategy which will lead to success.

  1. You’ll always be welcome at CEU

It’s important to remember where you started from. The place where you studied the degree which you loved. Remember us and come back whenever you want to.

You’ll always be welcome at CEU.

Come back to your alma mater for any advice or support, just as you did during your degree. But also remember to tell us all about your achievements. We are very proud of our graduates’ achievements and we want to know about them and share them with the world.

  1. Tailor each of the applications you make to the job on offer

Soon, you’ll have to compete in the job market. To be successful, you’ll need to prepare properly – in fact, searching for a job is real, hard work in itself.

Sign up for the Career Center to gain access to a range of job opportunities.

You need to pay detailed attention to each job application, your CV, and your personal brand in general, and keep a close eye on the job offers that become available in the industry you’re interested in. What would be really useful would be to be able to call on specialists who can provide you with guidance and training in how to find the right job, wouldn’t it? That is exactly what you can get at the University’s Careers Service, and you can also sign up for the Career Center, which will provide you with the latest news and vacancies in the industry of your choice.


  1. Start networking

Networking – in other words, meeting new people and making yourself a known quantity – is crucial for professional growth. It’s an excellent way to find out about industry trends and possible vacancies. A good way to do this nowadays is by using online social networks, but it’s also essential to network by getting out there and meeting people in person.

CEU Alumni is the biggest alumni group in Spain.


So, go to all the industry events you see and join those associations and organizations which can help you meet top professionals. Your first step should be to join the biggest alumni association in Spain, CEU Alumni.  The group boasts more than 40,000 alumni from CEU who live and work right across Spain and 40 countries – who better to talk to about your professional interests?

  1. Make your dreams a reality

Set your dreams as your goal and work hard to make them a reality. If you’ve got an idea which you think could be the basis of a business, why not go for it and become your own employer?

CEU Emprende can help you develop your business plan.


  1. Keep on developing

Society never stops changing and this means new requirements and new kinds of professional are always emerging. So, businesses continually seek ever more specialized professionals.

business continually seek ever more specialized professionals

By continuing your academic development through a postgraduate program and obtaining specialist skills, you can make sure you are ready for new challenges in the job market, both now and in the future.

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