Nightlife in Valencia: Endy’s suggestions!


Map in hand and the desire to discover Valencia: you’re done! Take a deep breath and muster the energy for your night out. The bars are open all day long and they are followed by the clubs, which open around 2am and don’t close until the break of dawn.

El Carmen – There is no better place to start than the buzzing hub that is El Carmen and the Old Town. With bars on almost every corner ranging from karaoke, to hard rock, to shisha bars, this area has everything you are looking for in order to have a good time. Many of these bars have dance floor areas and are open late, so if the beat becomes too addictive to ignore after a few drinks, you can have a good dance until the early hours.

Café Bolsería – this is my favourite café/bar in El Carmen, You will be able to hear a range of music covering most of the spectrum of Spanish charts. Whether you’re going for drinks or just for shisha, this is a place you really need to go see for yourself.

Rumbo 144 – On Wednesday nights, there are Erasmus+ parties at this club, this was one of the first clubs I attended when I came to Valencia, it’s quite small, but the music is a mix of Spanish and RnB, it’s mostly chart music, the drinks are quite expensive however, you can always go to a bar for pre drinks before. This is one of my favourite places, and there are so many new people you can meet.

MYA – Every Friday, this place is the go to if you’re looking for a night out. There is a path walk called “L’Umbracle” under the City of Arts and Sciences which is located a disco in winter named “Mya”. On a part of this path walk there is another disco during summer. It is the same as “Mya”, but the difference is that one is outside and the other is inside (with ceiling). Smash hits from the Billboard Top 100 are the main tunes of choice here. If you’re more into electronic or house music, don’t hesitate to switch settings and head downstairs to Mya.

This post has been written by Pharmacy student Endy Abboud, thank you!


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