Your University is a COVID-19 Protected Space


The CEU UCH campuses have been externally audited and certified as safe.

The University has been certified as an Espacio Covid Protegido (a COVID-19 Protected Space) across our three campuses. This means that our facilities are safe for all purposes for our students, our staff and any visitors.

AUDELCO undertook the audit. First, its staff studied the specific procedures which have been designed to prevent COVID-19 infections from taking place. Then, the auditors undertook an on-site inspection to see how these health and safety procedures were being implemented on the ground.

The CEU facilities which have now received the AUDELCO seal of approval include our four Faculties: Veterinary Medicine (including the Teaching Farm in Náquera), Health Sciences, Humanities and Communication Sciences, and Law, Business and Political Science. Other facilities which have now been certified as safe in Alfara del Patriarca are the Library, the Bartolomé Serra Audiovisual Production Centre, the Hospital Clínico Veterinario, and the sports facilities. Our facilities in Elche and Castellón have also been certified as COVID-19 Protected Spaces, as has the Palacio de Colomina in Valencia.


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