My Erasmus Internship by Cristina Negru


Erasmus has changed my life …Erasmus at CEU has changed my future!
Erasmus is the best thing that could happen to me during my studies, and I would advise everybody to use this unique opportunity of having an international experience.  I applied here through the website, I was very suspicious about all this internships and I really recommend you to be very well informed and cautious when applying. When Nuria (my Erasmus coordinator ) answered to me in order to go further with the application process I was the happiest person in the world, what can be better than a summer spent in Spain, and having the job that you enjoy? I was accepted!! My ticket to Valencia was bought!
When my plane landed, in felt in love with this city at a glance, there weren’t more to see or to say, I just felt  deep inside, that this is the place I want to live!
My first day at CEU was incredible! Do you know that feeling when you are coming home, where everybody have missed you? That’s how I felt when I arrived here! Everybody  welcomes, kisses, hugs and smiles. Ivan (a very nice guy  from the International Office) met me, made a tour through the university campus (which is great  ), and then he introduced me to the language office, where the Spanish professors welcomed me very warm. Starting with that day, every day at 11 o’clock we are  having our coffee (I am already used with the late Spanish timetable :D), and almost everyday somebody brings something sweet to eat (so if you’re trying to stay fit for the beach they will destroy your cure) , and after one week I thought that is my turn to prepare and to bring something for our coffee “ritual”  , so we had pancakes.


What I like the most about my internship, that my daily tasks we set together with Nuria (she is very lovely and positive, and her smile is charming), she teaches me Spanish; our working atmosphere is relaxed but productive!  My main tasks in Campus Life Office are more related to Content Marketing, blogs and article for the university website and presentations, organizing activities for the international students, mainly my area of studies.
I am very happy of taking the advantage of this opportunity, and next time I will write for you a Guide Survival in Valencia when you don´t speak Spanish!



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