#LoveValencia: my not-to-be-missed spots in the city


When there is a lot of studying to be done, especially if you are preparing for exams, it is important to get away from all the buzz and chill out. I understand the importance of having to rest during busy periods and I like being outdoors in beautiful places, as it helps me to clear my head. I love that Valencia has stunning areas to visit and the unique aspect of a mix of city life and great outdoors.

I’ve lived in Valencia for 9 months; which isn’t however too long but enough for me to find a few places which I can class as my favourite go to places:

1 – Shopping

From all the centres and high streets in Valencia, my all-time favourite shopping centre, my most favourite would be Centro Comercial Bonaire (Aldaia). It’s quite far but however for all the stores that there are, it’s worth the trip.

The best part about this centre is that it has high-end brands e.g – Hollister and low cost brands e.g – Primark. Yes there is a Primark in Valencia, when I came to Valencia the first thing I had to research was if there was a Primark. Luckily in this shopping resort there are restaurants, supermarkets and many clothes stores. This is definitely one of my favourite spots.

How to get there: Take the metro to Turia and then take the yellow bus number 160 which is in front of Expo Hotel.

2 – Marina Beach Club

This place is perfect in the summer/spring, to relax and have a bite and enjoy the views. With swimming pools, the beach, three restaurants, cocktails, Dj and Shisha, this is the perfect place to relax and hang out with your friends, wether in the afternoon or in the evening.

How to get there: Take the metro to Marítim-Serreria, and then a tram until you arrive by the beach. From there you can spot the MBC, which is of walking distance.

3 – Cappuccino

I was recently taken to this place and personally this has become my go to place whenever I want to meet a few friends, however it’s not very close to the university, its located in the centre of Valencia (close to Xàtiva metro station), whether you’re going for a cappuccino at the famous “Cappuccino Café” in Valencia or for lunch or just for a cocktail, this place has a wide varieties of food and drinks to offer.

How to get there: Take the metro to Xàtiva, it is located in Plaça de la Reina, and you can get a nice view of the cathedral from the terrace!

4 – Ruzafa

The Ruzafa neighbourhood of Valencia has long been the city’s best kept secret!

Located south of the city centre, this place is one of the most historic areas of the city. This is the place where those in the know are headed for the best tapas, the best bars and the most exciting nightclubs.

Ruzafa is not a large district but it takes in people from all around the world with a melting pot of cultures and languages. By the day, the area is filled with those seeking out treasures in the vintage shops and visiting the many art galleries; when the night comes around, the area comes into its own. It’s a small space so it’s easy to come across an abundance of quality bars and restaurants, with a buzzing atmosphere and packed with a lively crowd. The style of the area is mainly bohemian but it is also easy to find elegant bars and eateries. There is a Moroccan-themed Al Rusafi on Calle Buenos Aires, where you can enjoy delectable Arabic pastries.

5 – Café Bolsería

This is my favourite café/bar in El Carmen, whether you’re going for drinks or just for shisha. This is one of the best places when you don’t want to go out clubbing but you want something to take your mind off exams and university stress, there is a dancefloor and a bar, and there is shisha, you decide how you want your night to end up like.

How to get there: Take the metro to Turia, and then walk for around 15 mins where you will arrive to El Carmen. Or just take a taxi from any place in the city, you will be in El Carmen in no time and the ride won’t cost you that much!

This post has been written by Pharmacy student Endy Abboud, thank you!


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