Spanish course bike tour



The second week of the Spanish course has finished, and we can already order something in Spanish in the cafeteria and that´s great! This week actually started again with unusual classes, so we had our Spanish lesson on bikes around Valencia city center and then on the beach! I felt like in a real movie, when you a have pretty bike with a basket in front, a lot of friends around  and a nice teacher that is only speaking Spanish, and you are all going to explore the amazing city of Valencia. In that way we felt the real Spanish culture, we got to know the history of the Spanish architecture, museums, and buildings. Riding the narrow streets where the sun is trying to kiss your chicks, and surrounded by the smell of paella and the sea and all around you here Spanish, well this is more than perfection, I can assure you!
Our day started very early in the morning, but the city is so beautiful that we did get tired at all at the end of the tour.


We ended up on the Malvarrosa beach were we had our lunch, we tried to learn there how to name the food the we were eating, we´ve learned the name of the things which were around us, everybody was so curious about everything that in one moment our teacher was bombarded with questions 😀 but that was really funny, and I am so happy that the students were involved and so curious about Spanish language, we wish we could stayed there all day! Later when we went back in the city, we returned the bikes and then we had a real Spanish CERVEZA (beer) all together in one street restaurant. That was a perfect day, and we are all very thankful to our language teachers and Campus Life for making our learning different!
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