Will Yuo Be Here For Fallas?


fIt is already here! Las Fallas floods the streets of Valencia once again and this year, the festival has also come to our university! If you wish to enjoy the festival with us, then you can join our program of activities “On Fire” in collaboration with Na Jordana Falla in Valencia.

All you need to do is write us an email at [email protected]

There will be a briefing organized by Campus Life at 2pm at the Hub (the lecture hall on the 1st floor) for anyone that has registered for the “On Fire” program. Attending the briefing will allow you to meet all the other “Falleros” and also be given the chance to ask us all of your questions.

If you wish to enjoy Fallas with your fellow students and Na Jordana Falla, you can sign up for the activities that suit your tastes. You do NOT have to attend all of the activities that are included in the program. Also, if your family is visiting you during this holiday period, they are all invited too!

Remember in order to confirm your attendance at the meeting so that we can save a spot for you, you must send an email to [email protected]

Experience the exhilarating Fallas with CEU and Na Jordana. Be careful, don’t burn yourself!


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