New Year, New Resolutions


The coming of the new year always prompts us to ponder and reflect on how far we’ve come and the changes or goals that we would like to accomplish starting in January. Studying more, quitting smoking, joining a gym, traveling more… These are resolutions that most of us set as new goals that sometimes become a reality, with effort, discipline, and willpower.

Have you set your new objectives for 2016?
The CEU community is full of objectives, all of them created for a better future. Take a look at the resolutions of your fellow students for this new year and share yours on Facebook.
Here are some you have shared with us…
• Sign up for English courses
• Finish a race
• Find a job
• Become more independent
• Travel more/travel to…
• Buy a car, motorcycle, or apartment
• Learn languages
• Go to the gym
• Do volunteering
• Help those less fortunate
• Look after your grandparents
• Get a master’s degree
• Study for a different career
• Start a business
• Spend more time with friends
• Enjoy more of life
• Not be as self-conscious
• Overcome fears
• Listen more, say thank you more, and ask for forgiveness more
• Call people more often
• Have more coffees with people and do less texting
• Find a soulmate
• Write a book/make a music record
• Find love
• Read more
• Show my affection to the people you love
• Spend more time with family
• Study/specialize/take courses for…
• Get a pet
• Work with a non-governmental organization, such as a nonprofit
• Spend less time on phone and have more conversations in person
So, which ones will you add to your list?


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