Can you smell the gunpowder? Fallas are here!

With the arrival of March, the smell of gunpowder takes over Valencia and activities start across the city. The students of University CEU Cardenal Herrera have already been tied to the pañuelo fallero (Falla handkerchief) this weekend as they have started to enjoy the Fallas with our friends of Na Jordana.

Our international students and their friends from Falla Na Jordana!
Our international students and their friends from Falla Na Jordana!

Na Jordana means party, fire, art, joy, gastronomy and tradition and this weekend has been a show of it as the students have had the chance to enjoy it all. On Saturday, around 30 students of the University learnt (or at least tried) to prepare a Valencian paella and they participated in the Falla paella competition. Our students, divided into the different falla groups, were able to take note of the recipe of our most international dish, made over a wood fire and in the same street as normal for these parties. Afterwards, of course, they got ready to try it in the Casal together with all the members of the falla. And those who weren’t ready to finish the party in the evening were invited by the Falla to a music concert of the group Bajoqueta Rock, a classic for Valencian nights.

But the CEU weekend with the Falla Na Jordana didn’t finish there. On Sunday night, more than 20 students got the bus together from Na Jordana to benefit from the tranquillity of the night and go through the streets of the city, visiting the best fallas from the Sección Especial. During this tour of more than 2 hours, we could admire the mythical fallas like that of El Pilar, l’Antiga de Campanar or Convento Jerusalén. Also, we took the tour as an opportunity to make an obligatory visit to the illumination in the streets of the Ruzafa neighbourhood. The first prize, awarded to the Falla Cuba-Literato Azorín, is well deserved, but without a doubt the 2nd assigned to the Falla Sueca-Literato Azorín is not far behind. A visit is absolutely recommended!

It has been an intense weekend together with the falleros of Na Jordana with whom, sure, we will enjoy some unforgettable Fallas. This doesn’t finish here, there is still so much to enjoy during the falla week thanks to the “On Fire” programme, offered by our university to all the students, national and international, in collaboration with the Na Jordana.

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