What is positive thinking?


It’s about interpreting reality from more optimistic perspectiveand replacing complaints about your situation with constructive action. 

Tips to achieve positive thinking: 

1. Changyour focus.  

Stop dwelling on the bad thingsEnjoy the small things around you, such as the smell of fresh coffee, a hot shower, or a quick chat with a good friend. Put the spotlight of your attention on good things and this will change your general state of mind.  

2. Stop complaining and take action.  

Force” yourself to follow up every complaint you make with a concrete action. By doing so, you’ll start to feel that you’re actively in control rather than a passive victim. If you can’t change what other people do, start with what you can do.  

3. Change the way you express yourself.   

Instead of criticizing the things you don’t likesay something good about the things you do. Devote more time to talking about things that make you happy and that you enjoy, boosting your state of mind. 

4. Be thankful.  

Imagine what this situation would be like if you had nowhere to live, if you didn’t have hot water, or food, or technology to communicate with other people. These are all things you do have. Enjoy the fact that you do and this will make your life seem better. 

5. Start something new.  

How many times have you complained about not having enough time to read that book, to see those films, to learn a language, or to learn how to dance, cook, draw, sing, or write? There are tutorials out there for everything! What better time than this to start something new?   

6. Take care of others and yourself

Stay in touch with your family and friends by phone, social networks and videocalls. Surround yourself with people who make you happy. But if the people around you seem pessimistic, help them to see the positive side of things.   

Spread positivity and creativityTake care of other people – and yourself. 


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