5 tips to learn to deal with adversity and be resilient


Resilience is the human capacity to face, overcome and be strengthened or even transformed by the adversities of life”.  (Edith Grotberg, 1995)

What can you do to develop resilience?  

  1. Look for support from friends or family who can help you to feel better and subsequently develop your own resources to cope with adversity.

  2. Overcome your negative emotions by being creative: paint, dance and express yourself.

  3. Keep a healthy sense of humour. Concentrate on the positive side of things, even when this seems difficult.

  4. Believe in yourself and in your ability to deal with and overcome adversity.

  5. Try to keep the adverse situation at arm’s length: by remaining objective, solutions will be easier to find.  

Remember that being resilient means: being flexible and resistant and showing a desire to adapt to and recover from adversity.

Look at every experience as an opportunity to learn


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